About Me… Sort of…

OK, so where do I start?

I say I’m a wornout old hippy with no dress sense. My wife says I’m a sexy mophead.

I say my musical tastes are eclectic and uplifting. My wife says “Oh (IDH) not Hippy Dippy Screechy Woman Again?!”

I say I barely have the smarts to walk and talk at the same time. My wife thinks I’m a genius.

I say I’m a good driver. My wife’s white knuckles say otherwise.

I say “Millenium, Hand and Shrimp”. My wife says “Once More With Feeling”. We both say “Shiny!”

There, that covered it didn’t it? What do you mean, No?! What else do you want? Inside leg? Favourite Pizza toppings? Most embarassing childhood memory?

Well you’re not going to get all that… I may let these things slip in a blog once in a while but I’m not doing it here… I will tell you I work for a charity, I’m currently working towards a BA in History and that I neither play sport or dance.

I will tell you that I deeply love a few people in my life, enjoy being around quite a few others and barely tolerate the rest of humanity (But I guess most of us could say that).

OK, I think that’s it… I honestly cannot think of anything more to say… Hope you enjoy my blog… and if you don’t, that’s fine… Truth to tell, I write these things primarily for me… Which probably explains the “humour” 🙂

Anyway these blogs are not about changing the world, it’s about clearing out the stuff from my brain… I can’t promise I’m going to rock your world but I’ll post the odd fictional piece alongside the stream of semiconcious drivel that is my usual prose…

Ok, that’s really it, this time… Go and get yourself a cuppa and a cookie… you deserve it for sitting through this 🙂

Peace, Love and Sausage Rolls (See, told I was a Hippy) xx





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