TAX… What’s the point?

Yes folks, I’m supposed to be writing an essay… Which is why I’m on here ūüėČ

Don’t worry, I’ll try to make it quick…

So, Tax*. What’s the point right? Why do I have to keep putting my hand in my pocket just for somebody else to benefit? We’ve all said something similar… Now, don’t tell you haven’t… And don’t go assuming I’m accusing you of being *ist about this… Alright, let me put it this way… TRIDENT. There you go… Why should you put your hand in your pocket (tax for the slow of uptake) just for somebody else (The makers of trident) to benefit?

So, yes… there are areas that lots of people agree that tax shouldn’t be used for… Bombing Syria? Building fences in Calais? Keeping the Royals? Paying MPs ‘expenses’? Building specially adapted homes? (One of those things I really DO believe the money from my pocket should be spent on, and I’m sure you’ll agree… Actually I’m not sure, but I hope)…

So here’s the thing… Yes, there are things we don’t wish we were paying for but for many reasons put up with it… Mainly because for the majority of people we don’t actually have a choice when it comes to paying tax… Not on PAYE? Good for you… Bet you didn’t scream at the lady in (Insert Supermarket of Choice) about how you are not going to pay VAT on your groceries because you don’t like your tax going to such and such…

But corporations get to play by their own rules… yeah alright, if you are a self-employed builder, or mechanic, or comedian, or Rock Star, you can fiddle the taxman but I very much doubt that the taxman’s response to some 16 hour a day cabbie caught cooking the books will get the same treatment as Amazon or Google, nor would the ‘penalties’ be proportionate…

So why is it we are so angry at Starbucks et al?

Well I’m no economic scholar… [You don’t say!] and I’m sure that better educated people than I have made this argument much more succinctly than I ever will [You can be damn sure about that]

{Yes, thank you. Is this an unopened bottle of Glenmorangie?}

{Hot Damn! Seeya…]

So while I am sitting here the boss of Google is (supposedly) answering the questions of a parliamentary sub-committee about it’s criminal (my word) abuse of the British¬†tax system… the British Corporation Tax rate is 20%, Google effectively paid less than 3%

I wish I was there! I wish I was asking the questions… I would start with an easy one… What the fuck gives you the right to shit on the British public?

Too harsh? Ok, how about this? How did you get here today Mr Google? Did you drive? Were driven? Used public transport? (sorry, just thought I’d lighten the mood)…

Before you left home today did you go to the toilet? Did you eat a hearty breakfast? Did you turn on the radio? Did you actually have to do anything today, beyond getting out of bed, that didn’t rely on someone else doing something to make it possible for you to be here?

EVERYTHING Mr Google did was made possible because somebody had done something to allow it to be possible….

Drive on the road? Who made it? Not Mr Google! Went to the toilet? Who made sure the waste was removed, cleaned, reused? Not Mr Google! Turned on the radio? I’m pretty damn sure Mr Google did not make himself a wireless before he went to bed last night just so he could listen to the weather forecast!!

So all these systems have to be in place for our mutual benefit… Roads, sewers, street-sweepers, police, schools, binmen, flood specialists, teachers… the list goes on and on and on…

Corporation tax is a thank you! It is a way for the Googles, Starbucks {Am sooo tempted to put an F in there instead of the B} ~And we’ve told you why you can’t sir~ Boots, Amazon, Murdoch Lies Media… It is a people backed contract designed to thank us! It’s simple… The rules say: If the British Public give you money you say thank you for that money by putting just 20% of it back into our society… Thank you for building the roads that allowed so many of our staff to make it into work… thank you for building and maintaining the sewer system so we don’t all die of cholera… thank you for educating our workforce to such a degree that we are able to make ¬£Billions from their labour…. Thanks for ensuring our staff have good health…. Thank you for making sure our buildings didn’t fall down because they were designed and built by healthy, educated people… Thank you for making sure that if something terrible happened we would be made to feel safe and protected (Fire, Medical, Police)…. Thank you British People for all pulling together to make our society work for the benefit of most, if not yet all!!

But AmaGooBootbucks don’t see it like that… They see it as: We’ve made lots of money because you educated our staff, created roads, laid rails, built hospitals, cared for the elderly and infirm, put in street-lighting, police the streets, clean the windows, plant the trees, design our offices, built our operating systems, INVENTED THE FUCKING INTERNET, kept our kids safe in school, again the list goes on and on and on. But FUCK YOU!!! We will benefit from the British system but we won’t contribute!!!

So actually, maybe my first question is the right one… What Gives You Mr Amazon/Google/Boots/Starbucks/Et Al the right to fuck over the British people? Where do you get off treating us like shit simply so you can have the prettiest shroud? Who do you think you are? Do not sit there and tell us you are a self made man! Do not sit there and tell us we need you more than you need us. ¬†Everything you have done, and have become, is because everybody else made it happen! The system didn’t just magically appear just before you slithered into the world and it won’t just all blink off when you are visited by the Goth Girl/Seven foot tall skeleton!

The system needs to be managed, to be enhanced, to be improved. It needs people to invest in it… And I don’t just mean “throw money at it”, I mean that people need to be educated, housed, kept healthy, safe, warm and able to travel… So don’t sit there and tell me that you contribute what you believe to be fair!! WE SAY that what is fair (actually we say it should be more but we are stuck with a braindead, coke addled, fuckwit as chancellor)… We say, that for every ¬£1 you earn in or from the British then you should give 20p back to us to ensure that you can continue to make all those ¬£s!!!

We have not evolved to our current level of human/cultural ‘progress’ simply to sit in hovels, starving and cold so you can have a pretty watch or eat over-priced crap…

Do your duty and thank the British people properly! Pay your fucking tax!


*I’m using British/Britain in this rant because that is the culture I was raised in but it should go without saying that you can replace Britain/British/¬£ with whatever system you wish…


Anyway, that’s all for now… Back to the essay for me…

Peace x


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