A Return to Lower Rambling…

Isn’t it always the way (Of course, I can only speak from my experience here, I can’t speak for you) you get a great idea for a blog, spend half the night with it running through your head (making sleep nigh on impossible) and then, when you come to write it down… *poof* Gone! Nada. Zilch. Every word flying away faster than a summer migratory bird seeing the first hallow-e’en pumpkin… Truth to tell, if I hadn’t blurted it out on a certain social network I wouldn’t bother… But I can’t let my faithful reader down, never know if I’ll ever get another…. {Hmmmm, good point… must do something to ensure my reader keeps coming back… Oh I know…}*

So, faithful reader, where do we go from here?

What do you mean “That’s not your job”?

Am I supposed to do all this on my own? Jaze! Who came up with that rule?

Well, all right… This time. Next time I would like some input from you… Not much, maybe one or two paragraphs… a few interesting sketches… a pithy comment?.. Look, just make an effort. OK? right, well we’ll say no more about it this time…

Right. So. Here goes… hummmmMMmMMMmmmmm…. HummMMMMmmm <tap><tap.<tappitytaptap><tap> *tunelesswhistling* <tap><tap> *slurps tea* <tap> <tap>     <tap>      <ta

Yeah, alright! Don’t rush me… I’ll think of something… p> <tap>…. <tap?>

Oh I know…. How about a end of year review? Yes, alright so it’s only day 1 of ’15, don’t get clever, you know I meant last year… Honestly if you are “smart enough” to come out with quips like that, you should be smart enough to not read this… Hah! got you there 😛

January – 2014:

Actually I can’t remember… I know I must’ve been working on my degree but apart from that… … … nope, drawing a blank… Ok, moving on…

February – 2014:

Um! Er… Oh Damn! Can we skip February?

March 20[They know what bloody year it is!]{Oh yeah, Sorry I forgot}

<tap><tap> Look, I’m just going to skip ahead to the interesting bits of the year…

April *flip*

May *fl-Oh, stop! Wait! Something big did happen in May… I had a job interview! And the outcome was satisfactory too… I can still hear the phone call…

Me: Hello?

Caller: Hello. Can I speak to ~No Real Names! Legal Dept~ {Oh yeah, sorry}… erm, Our Hero please?

Me: Speaking…

Caller: Hello Our Hero, This is GeekyLadyBoss from “Historical Visitor Attraction” {real name rule}. I would like to offer you the position of “Historical-helper-type-thing”

Me: Erm. Wow. Thank you. Erm Wow. Well. That’s brilliant. Thank you. Erm. That’s so cool. Wow… Well, I suppose I had better start sounding like a grown up and ask questions hadn’t I? So erm, Wow! Er, yeah… So when do you want me to start?

GeekyLadyBoss (Laughing): When can you start?

Me: Next Monday? *Thinking: Oh Glod it’s Thursday, I don’t want to start next week… I want to acclimatise myself first*

GeekyBossLady (Still laughing): Well, OK… But how about the first of June?… 

Me: Yeah, that’s fine I can do that… There now follows a five minute conversation regarding start times, appropriate clothing etc, that you don’t need to know about but it might help you to know that I am dancing around the room while it goes on, my head filled with song and joy… I’m going to be working at “Historical Visitor Attraction”!!! My dream job!!!

I think only LoneSupportAngel is happier than me 🙂


I start a new job! Did I mention that before? There now follows a summer full of sunshine and happiness… well it did for me… I don’t know if your summer was as glorious as mine but I know that I went to work in shirtsleeves every day 🙂

July – September:

Work is going great! I am enj… Woah, wait, what? What do you mean I skipped a bit? No I didn’t. It’s up there… July and August are implied in the “-“… I’m not skipping, I’m condensing… That OK by you? Well, tough! You said I’ve got to write this by myself so I’m doing it my way…

Where was I? oh yeah… oying the commute (I bet a lot of you can’t say that 😉 Sorry, just my little gloat 😛 )… I smile every time my work place comes into view… I have fun and interesting colleagues with whom I can laugh and enjoy intelligent conversation… I spend my days meeting new people… I clean toilets, sweep paths, mop floors, sell coffees, books, toys and all the other things on offer at “Historical Visitor Attraction”… I do every thing with a real smile on my face… I answer questions… I talk about history… I even start giving “proper” talks about the Attraction… with a lazer pointer and everything!!

Now as you know poor long-suffering reader, I am a huge history geek which is why, despite having to clean the toilets and help the odd rabbit with myxomatosis reach “the promised land” (no I don’t know what their promised land looks like but they are rabbits, considering what they do all day, it can’t be much better than here), I am in my dream job…

Frequently I have to be reminded that it’s time to go home… I love my job!

September is coming to a close… the end of my first season is looming… Did I mention that I officially only work from March to September?… I must have done something right though because I’ve been asked if I would like to pick up some extra shifts over the Winter Season… including The Big Event!!

The Big Event is Brilliant!!! I have been to the Big Event before, as a visitor… this year I am being paid to be there… Did I mention “dream job”? Yes, there’s a wee bit of mud… yes, it’s hard work… yes, I have to get up too early in the morning… yes, I know it was probably a bad idea to quit smoking just two weeks before… but… Dream Job! and I’m loving it!!!

We pause here to offer you a couple of images to help you picture The Big Event…

8.00 am! On a Sunday!!

The nicest the weather was all day!

Wouldn't let me play with them :(

You can buy these you know!


… So, my first extended season goes rather well… GeekyLadyBoss is pleased with me… My colleagues seem to like me… I’ve only broken one bottle of wine… Hold on… Would I like to do More Overtime? You bet your Hogwarts Scarf I would!!!

And so I do… My Summer Season extends into October… November… December?! Yep… Even into January… I do a schools only visit day, when I am on my own all day… I do the weekends before and after Saturnalia (the Christianized, and therefore shortened, version of course… not the month long celebrations the Romans enjoyed)… I do all the hours I am offered… Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not turning into a workaholic but I do Love my Job and I get immense satisfaction when somebody comes through our little gift shop and says they’ve enjoyed themselves… I love getting the kids coming up to me to tell me to drink more water [Private jokes now is it?] {They’ve only to ask}… I love it when LoneSupportAngel, FauxCymruSis, Lady GoldenSoul, Entertainments Officer and others come to visit…

No it's NOT Maiden, Mother and Crone!! Cheeky Feckers!!

L-R: Lady GoldenSoul, FauxCymruSis, LoneSupportAngel


That's my Better 'alf, that is...

Rock On!

Bring it!!!

Leader of the Shropshire Massive


… I even got to say Hi to the “King of Seven” himself, Mr Len Goodman…

and so my year ends…

Well, I did some other stuff… Of course I did… I had a lovely historical Weekend with LoneSupportAngel and her Lovely Parents… I spent a fantastic week in the wilds of Scotland with LoneSupportAngel, Entertainments Officer, The Framer and MyPuck [yes, yes, you’ve told us all about that]… I’ve found new books to read… New songs to sing… LoneSupportAngel and I have had lots of “fun” getting new windows fitted and new carpets laid… I missed out on seeing the divine Ms Kate Bush 😥 … I’ve lost hours on GTAV… I’ve had ups, downs and head-swirling moments… I have had, in my humble opinion, Rather A Good Year…

And so I finish here… Listening to Queen: Live at the Rainbow Dec’ ’74 (well, actually it finished ages ago because I take so long to write these things but that doesn’t really matter does it?)… eating some of my Mythmas chocolate… Wishing I’d turned the heating up…

2015 is less than 24 hours old and looking about me, at my (slightly chilly) flat and my cute-sexy LoneSupportAngel, knowing that this year holds some amazing adventures and some long awaited events, knowing that I’m going to have to work and study hard throughout the year, loving the people I love, I know (barring any unforeseen shitstorms) this year will be better…

Thanks for staying with me for this occasional spam filter evader… I hope to bring you more this year [But, don’t hold your breath]…

Peace to you all xxx




*See Post Script.


P.S… See “Aside


4 comments on “A Return to Lower Rambling…

  1. ” I love getting the kids coming up to me to tell me to drink more water [Private jokes now is it?] {They’ve only to ask} I love getting the kids coming up to me to tell me to drink more water [Private jokes now is it?] {They’ve only to ask}”

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