A Dirty Phone Call Is No Laughing Matter

Not just because she is My Lone Support Angel… But because she is a human being!!!


This afternoon I answered the phone at work with the usual “Good afternoon, [NAME OF FIRM]”.  There followed the distinct, unmistakable sound of a man masturbating down the phone.  I wasn’t sure, I decided to waste their phone bill, put the phone down on my desk, second-guessed and questioned my hearing, listened again, realised my first assumption was correct, and hung up.  I say unmistakable now, but I did question myself.  I was and am still, 5 hours later, shocked.

I’ve never been on the receiving end of a dirty phone call before.  I’ve experienced plenty of other types of sexual/bodily harassment as has almost every other woman (if not all) but never a dirty phone call.  Since writing that blog I’ve remembered this further invasive experience:

The Acupuncturist
I was undergoing electro-acupuncture for back pain quite a lot of years ago.  The acupuncturist was using needles with crocodile clips…

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