A stroll through Lower Rambling

I was talking to an old friend the other day… Actually, when I say “talking” I mean we were communicating through a particular electronic medium that has somehow managed to become the most pervasive and almost exclusive means of mass and one to one communication in the twenty first century CE. You all know the one, most of us use it, we all complain about it, we have frequently vowed never to use it again but somehow it and us are still there… still sharing parts of our lives, still perpetuating memes, still moaning… and let’s face it, unless you are one of those discerning and charming individuals (or more probably, a family member) that subscribes to this occasional series of pointless (though sometimes quite amusing) drivel, you probably got here through said insidious site… So I shouldn’t complain… I will… But I shouldn’t… But I will…

Anyway, that’s beside the point…As I was saying, I was “chatting” with my oldest friend – you know, just the usual stuff, how’s life? how’s work? how’s the prostate? yes we have got to that age… actually, we don’t talk about our prostates, maybe we should… after all, it’s not often these days we get to talk about being anally probed in polite conversation… [You do tend to get distracted when you write these things, don’t you…]

{Yeah, I know… I’m told it’s part of their charm…}

[Is that what you call it?]

{Well, there’s no need for that… Humphhhhh!}

[Oh give over… Just write the bloody thing. I want to see where this one goes…]

So , part of this chat was about blogs… You see, he has just moved to Japan for at least three months and to ensure that all those of us left in the homeland are not left thinking he has just disappeared from the planet, he has set up a website and page on that ubiquitous site I was talking about… But I suggested he write a blog… You see, he posts a lot of photos and the odd observation but nothing of what most people call “real” substance… and that kind of bothered me… I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve had to read a lot of ancient Greek and Roman diarists/historians lately but I’ve found that I quite like reading peoples innermost thoughts… I don’t know if you have ever had the pleasure of reading the collected works of Pliny the Younger but if it’s the sort of thing you are into, I suggest you do… I mean I have had to read his works for Uni but I have subsequently read them for pleasure… He is such a beautiful writer… admittedly, a lot of the correspondence is relevant  only to ancient Romans or historians but every so often there is a piece that is so evocative and personal that it tugs at the heart…

[What is this? Can you get any more boring?]

{I’m just going to ignore you, if you carry on like that…}

[Pliny? Really? People don’t read this to find out about 2000 year dead writers… Actually, I don’t really know why people read this at all… I mean, I’ve got to but everyone else… I just don’t know…]

{Why did ever allow you to become my editor?}

[Now look here! I’m going to{Oh shut the fuck up and let me finish!}…]

Thoughts and feelings… Yeah, that’s probably where we are going with this… You might want to bring a torch and maybe a machete… and if you’ve got any spells in your pockets you might want to prime them…

Just last weekend Lone Support Angel and I said au Revoir to one of her oldest friends… and a couple of months ago we said the same thing to another one… and between these events my oldest friend, henceforth to be known as DJ Mercury, went to Japan…

Actually, when I say, Lone Support Angel’s oldest friends, they are friends of mine as well, it’s just that Lone Support Angel has known them longer… You know, I think I may have to find a shorter name for my divine loveliness…

So [Hold on! I need to have a word with you. As your inner editor I feel I have to point out that I believe you open too many sentences with the word “So”… I want you to try to find another way to start your sentences…)

{I’ll try…}

OK So[HOLD ON! I said no more.]

{Yeah but I didn’t say it. I said[I know exactly what you said… it’s there… in black and white… I can see it from here…] But I said O[yes, you said “OK So”!.. That is Not on! Find another way…] OK, ok… I’ll find another way…}

Honestly, can’t even put my own thoughts down on the magic writing box without some jumped up little nerk giving me grief… [I heard that!] {Parp}

Anyway moving on… Life is ever changing… adaptation is necessary and desired… I’m not saying it’s easy but nobody promised it would be…

Moving on, adapting and (hopefully) flourishing is the order of the day for me… You see, I may have had to say “seen you as soon as I can” to some very good friends, which has been quite honestly really rather shitty… Oh I know that Puck and The Framer are happy in the wilds of Scotland and Party Grrrlll is now roughing it in deepest, darkest Wales and I wish them all the happiness and joy… but I miss them…

What makes it worse is I know I’m absolutely lousy at keeping in touch with people… I can never seem to write a letter or an email that I don’t feel is full of absolutely boring, pointless drivel… well, you know that… you’re enduring a particularly verbose example right now… and as for the telephonical device, forget it… I have a hard enough time communicating face to face, when I can’t see who I’m talking to I just freeze… I become more tongue-tied than a frog and toad french-kissing contest…

So how is this to be resolved? Well, LSA are going to visit Puck and The Framer in November… and we’ll be taking Entertainments Officer along too 🙂 so that should be a very happy time… We are all planning on visiting Party Grrrlll next May and LSA has promised to keep in touch with them via the telephonical in the meantime… As for DJ Mercury? Well, he’s just got himself a job… So don’t when I’ll see him again (if ever 😦 )

And DJ Mercury is not the only one starting a new job… I start mine on June 1st 🙂 Yes folks, after more than a year of being one of, what our glorious leaders insist on calling “workshy scroungers”, I am to be gainfully employed… Not only that, it’s possibly my dream job… certainly at a place I love to visit, with an organisation I am fiercely passionate about…

and it couldn’t have come at a better time… LSA and I are just hitting that point where one income and the credit cards are not quite enough to see us from one month’s end to the next… If it had gone on much longer I may have had to start drawing up a price list for my various body parts (and how I’m prepared to use them)…


Still no word from the insurance people about repairing my car… Must chase them up…

[Is there any more to add? Only I’ve got to get the drinks in and if you are stuck here I won’t know what to get…]

{Not much…}

I’m going to celebrate my new job with a rather beautiful, complex, stunning, unique, and quite simply perfect tattoo… It will probably take quite a while (and cost quite a bit)… so it will have to be done in stages… I will be posting the ongoing work into my blog (as well as on the ubiquitous social media site) so you have been warned…

Shall I tell you about our planned trip to Turkey next year?

No, I think I’ll save that for after… or maybe during… It will need pictures so… Yeah, after…. So that’s something for you to look forward to…

OK… That’s your lot… It’s not exactly Anne Frank or Pliny the Younger… But it is a blog… it’s a little insight into the mind of a fortysomething male in the 21st Century CE… If you have managed to get this far, I congratulate you… now go and have a drink of your choice, maybe a biscuit… and if you are really daring… a “woodbine”…

Join me next time… when we will be exploring the new estate on the outskirts of Lower Rambling called My New Job on Darent (twinned with either ILoveThisPlace or GetMeOutOfHere) and possibly the old wreck known as EndOfModuleExam…

In the meantime… Be Happy, Live Joyously and Stay Shiny… Love Y’all xxx


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