“Dear” Mr Cameron

My beautiful Lone Support Angel tells our “Glorious” leader some home truths


I write with regard to your appalling track record in government, your failure as a leader and as a policy maker, and your entire governments evidenced lack of regard for the country over which they have been given a duty of care by an admittedly minority of the electorate.

Successive governments have progressively reduced the faith of voters in their ability to treat citizenry with any form of equality or value, and we have become familiar with being regarded as commodities who only have worth in relation to the income we may generate and the money we may spend in the businesses you and your cohorts deem more important than us.  However, as stated by the OECD in their report published this year, the average household income has reduced by 2% which in real terms means the lower incomes reduced by a higher percentage, the wealthy remain wealthy and the…

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