To My Sooterkin, With All My Heart

This is (just) one of the reasons I call her my Lone Support Angel


As of last Wednesday, 1st May, I have been married to my beloved for five years.  The fact I was getting wed at all was probably a surprise to most people who knew me.  I did received comments such as “I didn’t think you believed in marriage” and “Hah, I knew you’d change your mind”, even “see, all it takes is the right man, and you a feminist!”  I’m paraphrasing the last one, it was slightly more offensive than that.

I never said I wouldn’t marry, but I did say I didn’t think it was likely and that I couldn’t see it in my future, nor did I ever think it was necessary for my happiness to be married.  I still don’t.  I don’t think marriage is essential for anyone’s happiness.  If I’d never met My Sooterkin™ I would not have married and would still be happy, just in…

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