Pompeii – Haaaaave ya met Mario?

Well have you?

You might of done, after all I don’t know how many of you crazy people out there are actually reading this drivel nowadays… :0

I do know one thing though: You are wondering why I’ve asked this question…

OK, I’ll tell you: I’ve met him.

There, that was a short blog wasn’t it? Bet you’re glad you’ve stuck with this all this time aren’t you?

Well, goodbye then. See you next time.



What was that?

Speak up!

What? You want what?


More of this tosh? You’re sure? What are you, mad?

OH… You want to hear about Mario? OK then… You won’t be disappointed, he’s a nice guy. I’m glad I met him.

The problem is I can’t actually remember exactly when we met him. I mean I can say we met him in our hotel in Pompeii but I can’t say what evening it was… It could’ve been the second, third or forth. Does it matter? Really? Nah, I didn’t think so…

Picture the scene, I am relaxing (read: havin’ a fag!) in the garden of our hotel as the evening closes in over me. My beloved Angel is inside, catching up on her correspondence and all is right with the world… or at least it is in our little part of it… Step forth Mario… I really cannot tell you what our first words to each other were but I can say that we were laughing together within about ten words… I do know I started singing “Every Sperm Is Sacred” at some point which led onto a long rambling conversation about the brilliance of the Monty Python team…

Actually I think it must’ve been our third night in Pompeii that we met Mario (and his dad, Egon) because I seem to remember raving about the ruins to them both because they were going to see them the following day… Anyway, I’m sure that you are all finding this incredibly interesting and entertaining but I’m fairly sure you would actually rather be reading about our next days adventures…

The view of Herculaneum as you head to the ticket office

We decided to mix things up a bit for our next jaunt… We are to leave Pompeii and head coastward… Well, when I say coastward… It was on the coast when the volcano hit. Can you guess where we’re going yet? Yep, that’s right. we are off to…. Herculaneum!! Oh we are adventurous 🙂


Herculaneum today…

Herculaneum is a fantastic find. Everybody knows about Pompeii and most people know about Herculaneum but from what we observed most people don’t bother with the latter. Of course I’m in two minds about this lack of regard for Hercu… (oh look, I’m just going to call it H* from now on… my poor little fingers are getting worn out giving it it’s full name every time)…. Yeah so, this two minds thing… I love that not a lot of people go to H* but I also want as many people as possible to see it… I can appreciate that not everybody is as history mad as I am and that after spending at least one day wandering the ruins of Pompeii the idea of a forty minute train ride to see “more of the same” down at H* can be a bit “same old, same old” but believe me, it isn’t. Visiting H* is so very satisfying in and of itself. Part of the charm of H* is the setting itself. As you can see from the above photo, you really get an idea of how far down previous treasure hunters and archaeologists have had to dig to get to the site, and how well preserved that site is because of the depth of volcanic ash that landed on top of it. Outside of Rome itself it is very rare to find ruins of Imperial Roman buildings that still stand over one storey (or as it is for us Brits, over the floor plan in most cases) but in H* most of the buildings unearthed stand two stories high. Quite a few of these buildings still have remnants of their original fixtures and fittings still in situ. OK, so a bit of charred staircase or petrified rope isn’t to everyone’s taste but I can assure you, they are to mine. We lost over four hours in H*. The guidebook says you can do it in two but again this is by doing the tour… “Here’s this building, now to this one, have a quick glance at that one, isn’t that pretty, moving on…” Not my cup of tea at all. But then, as I’ve said before, you can’t get a proper cup of tea in Italy anyway 🙂 See what I did there? 😉

Our exploration of H* was enhanced by meeting John and Sheila on the train down. We spent the day with them. It helped that they were as obsessive about history and archaeology as we are. My loving Angel would probably tell you that I got quite obsessed about H* but I really was in my element and therefore I will accept that I got quite lost in the experience.

Blimey, that's a LOT of ash....

This is what they had to dig through

These aren't reconstructed... it's how they were found

These aren’t reconstructed… it’s how they were found

Yes, that is Modern Naples on top…

Our explorations of the ruins created by Vesuvius were magical, educational, entertaining, fun, funny, engrossing, taxing, hot, thorough and above all… Well Worth It!!!

But all good things must come to an end. H* had worn us all out. So it was back to our hotel for the four of us… via a coffee and the forty minute train ride…

I would like to apologise  to my readers at this point. It has been over four month since our trip to Italy and I’ve slept once or twice since then so my memories are getting foggier all the time. I know I have photos to remind me of some of the things we did but not for all and, as I’m sure you will appreciate, not all of our adventures are for general consumption [I should bloody hope not! I did not sign up for THAT type of blog!], nor are some of the things we did whilst there particularly interesting to anybody but those that were there. So I will now condense the rest of our trip into a couple of paragraphs. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I’m actually having trouble remembering enough of our adventure to make it even vaguely interesting for you to read.

I know that I bought some really nice Italian boots (for which I’ve received quite a few compliments) and I know that Tina got herself (after some persuading) a really nice cardigan and that we replaced the toothbrushes… I know that we spent six hours on coaches traversing the Amalfi Coast. Before you ask I don’t have any photos of our trip from coach trip… I left the photo taking to Angel on that one…

I also know that I had my first ever taste of Squid in one of the best restaurants I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating in. I also know that most evenings were spent laughing like a loon with Mario and that we spent our Sunday just wandering around modern Pompeii without any real direction or plans in mind… All in all, I would say that our trip was a huge success.

I really don’t have that much more to say… In fact I don’t think I have anything more to say… Except GO VISIT POMPEII AND HERCULANEUM!!! Just don’t do it in the height of summer, let the weather cool and the crowds diminish, you will enjoy it all the more.

Right that’s it. you must be as bored of this blog as I am so I’m going to let you get back to doing more important things… You didn’t think I knew about your sorting and storing tour toe-nail clippings by size and thickness did you?! Never underestimate the intellect of a fool 😉

Well good bye


Oh before I go…


“Every Sperm Is Sacred”

This is Mario…


One comment on “Pompeii – Haaaaave ya met Mario?

  1. By ‘replaced our toothbrushes’ you mean bought some because SOMEONE (not Lone Support Angel) forgot to bring the electric toothbrush charger plug… 😉

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