I’ve been meaning to write a new blog for ages now but despite having plenty of ideas by the time I get down to putting my thoughts on paper – is that still a relevant saying? Considering I could be writing this on anything from a desk-top PC to a “smart” phone but am most definitely not sitting here with a quill, a sheet of pulped wood and linen blend and some magical liquid that stains the said sheet in places I determine with the nib of the aforementioned quill –anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, putting my thoughts on paper into the magic thinking machine. Right, so, anyway, these thoughts evaporate faster than a politician’s promises, well maybe not as fast as that but pretty fast… [Oh for the love of ChasAndDave, you don’t ‘arf waffle on. Get on with it. Ed]

Actually, that “waffle” as you term it is quite relevant to what I planned to talk about. Ambition [and Prevarication. Ed].

You may be aware – and let’s face it, seeing as only people I know read this, you probably are aware – or at least doing a very good impression of awareness (or is that consciousness?). That sentence didn’t go where it was intending to. I do that a lot. Have you noticed? [By IanAnderson’s-Flute, will you get on with it we’re on a bloody meter? Ed] *Cough* Yeah, sorry. Shall I start again?

Right, Ok. Take two. [In the name of all that is Bowie, now he’s a bloody director. Ed] Shuddup!! *whispers* Take three… 😉

As most of you know, I love history. I love most things to do with the past and discovering new things about it. Be it journeying to distant parts to touch objects from the past [Please Shawadiwadi, not “The Wall” stuff again. Ed] [actually I don’t think I’m going to sign my… {Interruptions? Our Hero} insights, any more. I think you all know who is talking by now, simply because of my choice of parenthesis.  Oh GladysKnightAndThePips, now I’m doing it], watching people up to their arses in mud gently prising artefacts from the ungentle embrace of mother earth (did think I would like to do it myself but, you know, mud eurgh!)  or much more likely, sitting in the comfort of my own home reading about the past – when I’m not watching a pretty historian on the idiot box. This obsession with the past has led me to attempt a degree in the subject. History that is, not pretty women on TV.

[Is this where the Ambition bit comes in? Because despite the good grace of MottTheHoople so far all we’ve had is the prevarication]

So far for this degree I have studied subjects ranging from Matisse to Roman villas, from the application of The Poor Laws in 18th Century Wales to the political ideologies of Kaiser Wilhelm and Otto Bismarck. For my latest module I have been studying the journey from Hunter/Gatherer societies to the rise of Empires in the Ancient World. All of these subjects and modules have had their highs and lows – with the positive outweighing the negative by about 3-2 at the moment – but here is my point. I WANT this degree. It’s one of my ambitions.

I’ve never had that many. At least I don’t think I have. Let me just check… As a child I wanted – at various times – to be a fireman (until getting caught in a house fire put that right out of my head), Spiderman (until I realised I don’t look good in spandex [yeah, at about aged 35 ha ha]), a Hobbit (don’t ask) and to go into space (still got time on that one). As I got older my ambitions changed… To be an international spy/playboy (I know I’m not the only one), to sky dive (done), to run a successful micro brewery (if I could stop myself from drinking the profits), to bungee jump (again, done), to walk Hadrian’s Wall [By RolfHarris’Beard I knew you’d get it in somewhere] (done), to walk Hadrian’s Other Wall (still got time, Sidekick), to be this country’s youngest Prime Minister (gave up that idea when I reached 25) and to get a degree. There must have been others and you never know I may even have fulfilled some of them (really should try to find out what I did in my twenties) though I’m pretty sure I didn’t play on stage with Queen, nor did I indulge in that *#%$*^&*£$%$%$ with Al********* and Wi******** [please note, the previous “ambition” has been redacted to prevent lawsuits. In the name of MusicalYouth, would you please be careful what you write?!]

As interesting as all this is, I’m sure you are wondering where it’s all going [I know I am] <yeah, and me> {[Who the hell are you?]} <who? me?> {yes, you} <oh, i’m your inner child> [Oh for ChrisIssac this is getting ridiculous] <tell me, did we ever get super powers?> [Shut up] <you shut up!> [Look you little ****…] {You can both shut up!!! SineadO’Connor, they’ll be fetching the men with cattle prods soon} [Well if you hurried up and finished this piece of DuranDuran we could get out of here and leave the little twerp to his daydreams]

Can I finish? Right, thank you. As I said, some of you may be wondering where this is going [I should think most of them stopped reading ages ago]; well it’s all very simple. This started out as a piece on Ambition [don’t forget the Prevarication] and I think I’ve covered it <you what? where’s the flying cars? the comic strip in 2000 AD? the elf best friend?> I’ve covered it alright?! I’ve fulfilled some of my ambitions; I’m in the process of fulfilling another. I’ve even fulfilled some I didn’t even know I had. But here’s the thing, these things don’t always happen the way you plan them to, nor do they happen when you want them to. Some happen sooner, some later, some not at all. You just have to know which ones are important enough for you to make happen and which you can let slide. What doesn’t help is prevarication [SuziQuatro he finally got it]. Prevarication is the mortal enemy of Ambition (well, that and a Tory government).

And do you want to know the funny thing? While I’ve been writing this, I’m supposed to have been writing my final essay for my current module. But in my defence, this has been nagging at me for days to be let out onto an unsuspecting public and it was preventing me from thinking about the important stuff. I doubt it would get me off, but it should shorten my sentence.

[No it won’t]

<yeah, it’s the naughty step for you>


3 comments on “Ambitions

  1. This is very interesting [not to mention a little bonkers] but you are correct that ambition is a strange thing, it varies from person to person and within a person’s life phases. I used to want to play rugby for Ireland, I used to want to be a barrister (actually I still want both of these things but age has told me that it is not likely to happen and should be cast off) I still want to spend large amounts of time going round India on trains, getting a boat, going back to Juan-les-Pins, not insurmountable type things but not everyday either.

    Hmm I feel a post coming on…

  2. I’ve given a lot of thought to ambition, too. I’ve come to realize that I’m not terribly ambitious, and never was. Never needed to be great, or well known, or filthy rich. My dreams were simple–a nice marriage, a nice house, a dog or three, a job I didn’t hate, to play the guitar well enough to sing along with. And I’ve achieved those (the penultimate one only recently. 🙂 ) If you’re born ambitious, there’s nothing wrong with that unless your ambition divorces you from your humanity, and humaneness. But if you’re born less so, you are blessed with being able to achieve your goals, and being content with things, and those are blessings indeed. I don’t know, not being ambitious myself, but I imagine that feeling that constant hunger for more, and never being satisfied, might well be equal parts curse and creative impetus. I’m all about contentment and peace.

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